Tuesday, November 15, 2016

You may have low self-esteem if...

Low self-esteem is a crippling condition that many men and women suffer from. They feel that they are not worthy of being respected, loved, or appreciated. Somewhere in their lives, they were told that they were not good enough, attractive enough, smart enough, wealthy enough, or talented enough. Unfortunately, many who suffer from low self-esteem do not realize that they are suffering from the disorder. 

Today, with help from a few Facebook friends, I will help you self-diagnose.  If you deal with one or more of the following, you may have low self-esteem.

1.    You always have something negative to say about other people.

2.    You're on social media in your underwear.

3.    You are never happy about the success of others. You’re jealous hearted.

4.    You're always the other woman or man.

5.    Your confidence comes from purchases.

6.    You allow the media to define who you are, form your opinions, and tell you how to feel about yourself. You model your life after reality TV stars or news statistics.

7.    You refer to yourself as bitch, nigga, ho, fag, or any other derogatory term.

8.    You are a racist, sexist, or any other –ist that simply hate others because they are different than you.

9.    Every time you break up with someone you become suicidal or self-destructive i.e. binge drinking, sleeping around, fighting, excess spending, etc.

10. You don't feel beautiful just the way you are.  You always NEED things to make you feel better (fake breasts, fake butts, fake muscles, weave/wigs, eye lashes, color contacts, extreme makeup, skin bleaching cream, skin tanners, material items, social clubs, people's approval, etc.).

Please understand that I am not saying that people who use some of these things have low self-esteem, but people who NEED these things to feel good about themselves may be in trouble.

11. You think your sexuality/sensuality is the greatest asset you have.

12. You’re self-worth is determined by how many people you can sleep with.

13. You think other people's ideas or feelings are more important than your own.

14. You are still folding to peer pressure over the age of 25!

15. You post pictures on social media of houses, cars, and the like that do not belong to you, but you insinuate that they do.

16. You assume people are lying when they give you a compliment.

17. You constantly compare yourself to others.

18. You take pride in being rude, disrespectful, ratchet, vulgar, mean, immoral, or uncouth.

19. You stay in relationships that are very bad for you because you feel that no one else will want you.

20. You are never faithful to anyone or anything.

21. You need drugs or alcohol to get through the day.

22. You are always desperately chasing others even when it is obvious that they are not interested in you.

23. You take no pride in your appearance.

24. Most of your clothes are extremely sexually provocative or worn for shock value.

25. You always believe the worst about yourself despite that you are a unique and wonderfully made individual who deserves to be happy.

If some of the items on the list ring true for you, I hope that you take time to self-reflect and work on becoming a healthier and happier person. If you need help, seek it. We all are imperfect people so don’t beat yourself up.  When we know better, we can do better. Remember to love hard and live free!

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